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Please refer to this GVO vs Aweber vs GetResponse AutoResponder Review for the most up to date information regarding which autoresponder I recommend and why due to more thorough testing and longer use since this review was posted.

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Aweber or GetResponse

Who Wins?


Aweber or GetResponseThe Aweber or GetResponse debate is very common, however, not easy to determine a clear winner. There are good arguments and statistics to support both autoresponders. Currently Aweber and GetResponse are two of the most popular autoresponder services in the market.

An autoresponder is required for the purpose of enabling you to follow up any correspondence or communication with your clients, customers and prospects. It assists in building an interested buyer list of people that will continue to come back to see what you have to offer.

Aweber or GetResponse – My winner is Aweber (sorry GetResponse)

My preferred winner for the Aweber or GetResponse debate is Aweber. To see why Aweber is preferred we need to properly and objectively analyze the benefits and restrictions of each. Let’s do that below and you can make the choice for yourself.

My preferences or anybody else’s may not the same for you, so you might value the different features of Aweber and GetResponse much differently.  Aweber is a bit more expensive than GetResponse, but I’d rather pay a little more for something that I’m extremely happy with, than try to save a few bucks.  Aweber is very easy to use and it offers excellent support from my experience and others.

Aweber is a widely used Autoresponder that was established in 1998. It is mostly used by the small business community that wants to automate follow up of emails, delivery of newsletters and broadcasting messages to their website visitors. Aweber currently serves more than 102,000 customers with an extremely high satisfaction rating and growing.

GetResponseGetResponse autoresponder was founded in 1998 as well. GetResponse currently has more than 210,000 clients. If you simply solve the Aweber or GetResponse debate by who has more clients, then GetResponse wins; but is that the best way to judge something?

Some clients prefer GetResponse, because it’s easy to use and has a web-based email interface.

Aweber or GetResponse Pricing? GetResponse Costs Less

One of the main factors people debate between Aweber or GetResponse is the cost. You need to consider the pricing of these two autoresponders and how the cost will affect you.

Aweber Pricing Plan

Aweber Pricing Plan


Aweber bases its pricing depending on the amount of subscribers on your list. The pricing plan starts at $19 per month for up to 500 subscribers. Aweber pricing plan increases as your subscribers increase. The more subscribers the more the monthly service cost.



GetResponse Pricing PlanGetResponse Pricing Plan

GetResponse pricing plan begins at $9.95 monthly for up to 250 subscribers. The pricing levels are comparable to Aweber; however, the cost for GetResponse is slightly lower. GetResponse also offers the annual discount of 18% if you subscribe to their service for a full year.

When you compare pricing between Aweber or GetResponse it’s clear that GetResponse would save you a few extra bucks. GetResponse would be the winner if we only looked at cost.

 Aweber or GetResponse – Experience & Satisfaction? I Choose Aweber

I did a 30-day trial with both Aweber and GetResponse, because at the end of the day I feel that’s the best way to come to a decision. Experience it for yourself or get advice from someone that has. Personally I found Aweber easier to use and more in-line with my preferences.  Others might have an altogether different experience and feel GetResponse is easier and more in-line with their preferences.  The Aweber customer service is top notch and I have never experienced any issues with incorrect data, missing emails or system issues.

I’m extremely satisfied with Aweber, which is why ALL the leads I generate online are funneled through Aweber.

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Chris Kostopoulos

Chris Kostopoulos


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